Clean Power Plan Finalized; Good For Economy, Environment


Published August 3, 2015

By Jeff Benzak

The Environmental Protection Agency today released its final Clean Power Plan. By setting the first-ever limits on the amount of carbon pollution our nation’s power plants can kick out into the atmosphere, this commonsense policy will increase development of clean energy projects like utility-scale solar arrays, wind farms and energy efficiency retrofits in America’s schools, offices and homes.

For years E2 business leaders from every corner of the country have been advocating for this policy.

Why? Because it’s good for our economy AND good for our environment.

And today, the Clean Power Plan is a reality.

To coincide with the rollout of the finalized Clean Power Plan, E2 released this national press release.

We also sent press releases to media in California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan,  Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

E2 premiered this video, which shows how the Clean Power Plan will create jobs in the heartland – expanding economic opportunities for everyone from former coal miners to veterans:

Prior to the rollout, we published a series of blogs highlighting how states and regions are poised to reap the economic benefits of meeting the standards. Our blogs – which were penned by our regional advocates – covered the Midwest, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado and the West Coast.

And later this week, E2 is rolling out a major poll of business leaders in Michigan who weigh in on energy, environmental and economic issues. So stay tuned for that.

As our nation becomes more familiar each day with the Clean Power Plan, E2’s business leaders and staff are standing by ready to explain to the press, to lawmakers and to everyday citizens how this policy that’s been such a long time coming will benefit both our economy and our environment.

If you would like to speak with E2 business leaders or E2 staff from your area, please feel free to contact me anytime at

Jeff Benzak is E2’s press secretary.