Family-owned Ohio lighting business saves customers money

J&M Electrical Supply is a family-owned company with 35 years of electrical distribution experience. Seven people work at J&M in Cambridge, Ohio. The company helps its clientele save money through energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

According to J&M, area businesses that have upgraded to more efficient lighting systems have doubled over the past two years, driven by a combination of improved technologies, utility incentives, and energy efficiency standards.

Utilities’ lighting retrofit incentives, nearly all spurred by Ohio S.B. 221’s energy efficiency standards, have encouraged customers to invest in efficiency upgrades. Even without energy-efficiency incentives, payback time can be as little as one to two years, especially in commercial and industrial facilities that operate around the clock.

With rebates from utilities such as American Electric Power, the lighting investments are a “no-brainer” for companies, said Bill Jarvis, J&M’s sales manager.

This post originally appeared in NRDC’s 2012 report “Better Bulbs, Better Jobs.”

Photo credit: Lauren Kubiak