Growing Florida business has installed 20,000 solar systems

When asked about their 30 years of experience in the solar industry, Remo Eyal, CEO of TEVA Alternative Energy, LLC — Superior Solar Systems’ parent company — shared two things that have contributed to the firm’s long success rate: its focus on quality efficient solar systems and commitment to customer service.

The Altamonte Springs-based company, which opened its doors in the 1980s, has been growing steadily — adding 10 employees in the past year and a half alone — and has installed over 20,000 solar systems for residential, commercial, and industrial projects across the state.

“More of our customers are realizing that solar makes financial sense. It provides security and stability. We receive very positive feedback on social media, something we are very proud of, because clients are elated with the end results,” says Eyal.

Despite their success in bringing solar electricity to Florida homeowners, businesses, and manufacturers, policy uncertainty at the state and federal levels has created a challenging market for solar companies like Superior Solar. Eyal says, “One of our biggest challenges is the inconsistency of solar incentives…Private utilities provide underfunded programs that get exhausted within minutes each year; this actually hinders our ability to build a stable PV market throughout the year.”

The company cited both the lack of consistent incentives and policies in Florida as well as the sunset of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy in 2016 as creating uncertainty for further investments in solar technologies. Despite these challenges, Superior Solar has continued to grow by branching out beyond residential and commercial projects into larger industrial projects in states like California, Maryland and even a 30,000 sq. feet system in the Caribbean.

Regarding growth prospects, Eyal says that they are selling more solar thermal in addition to the solar systems themselves, and that they are looking to expand into power purchase agreements with their thermal systems. “Only a few companies really do that.”

— Environmental Entrepreneurs