Honeywell drives energy efficiency savings in Pa.’s homes, businesses

Honeywell 2

Honeywell employs 1,200 people in Pennsylvania, many of whom work on energy efficiency projects. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a strong state-level implementation plan for the Clean Power Plan could result in the creation of 5,100 direct energy efficiency jobs in Pennsylvania alone. (Photo courtesy of Honeywell)

Honeywell, the Fortune 100 technology company, works in industries ranging from advanced avionics to control technologies for buildings, homes and manufacturing. But a little known fact is that over half of the products and services the company offers help drive energy efficiency. In fact, one specific business that focuses almost exclusively on intelligent energy management is Honeywell Building Solutions.

The Building Solutions business has both an energy services arm that develops and delivers projects that provide guaranteed energy savings in facilities and on campuses, and a smart grid services team that helps utilities connect with their commercial and residential customers to reduce energy use and create a smarter, more stable electrical grid.

Act 129, passed in 2008, provides the foundation for energy-efficiency and conservation programs in Pennsylvania. These in turn provide savings to homeowners and businesses, help create local jobs and diversify energy supply in the state.

Organizations such as Honeywell, which has approximately 1,200 employees in the Keystone State, are gravitating towards that market. Honeywell alone has completed almost 60 guaranteed efficiency projects in the state since 2000, work that is expected to deliver more than $226 million in energy and operating savings.

Supportive energy-efficiency policies help create the environment for both innovation and savings. Together, the state, utilities and technology providers can address the tremendous untapped potential for efficiency gains in Pennsylvania.

— Environmental Entrepreneurs