L.A. rail transit corridor could create 18,000 jobs

In June 2012, the City of Los Angeles announced construction crews began working on the 8.5-mile light rail transit corridor linking Metro Crenshaw and LAX.

This new transit corridor will eventually link the newly opened Expo Light Rail Line with the Green Line, and connect communities located along the route to activity centers such as the West Angeles Cathedral, the revived Crenshaw Plaza Shopping Center, downtown Inglewood, and the Los Angeles International Airport.

The project was slated to provide more than 18,000 new jobs in construction over the course of the five-year construction period, as well as additional jobs in operations when the new line is up and running in 2018. At least 40 percent of the jobs will go to those in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, and 10 percent of the jobs are expected to be filled by low-income, chronically unemployed individuals.

— Environmental Entrepreneurs

Photo credit: Metro