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Clean Energy Works For Us is Taking a Hiatus!

Thank you for following us these past three years as the U.S. clean energy economy has expanded to employ more than 2.5 million Americans. We here at Clean Energy Works for Us are still closely tracking the industry, but you can now find us at Just click on the link above!


Bring clean energy savings to more Iowans

Under the federal Clean Power Plan, states can take advantage of the Clean Energy Incentive Program. The state of Iowa should participate in the CEIP as a way to bring clean energy savings to more Iowans. The CEIP will reward states for early investments in energy efficiency in affordable housing and solar projects that benefit low-income ratepayers.


E2: Truck fuel efficiency standards will create jobs, save money across supply chains

“This standard grows our economy by improving the efficiency of a vital American industry,” said E2 chair and co-founder Nicole Lederer. “But the standard goes beyond saving money for truckers. It also saves money for businesses up and down supply chains, drives innovation and creates jobs in the advanced vehicle sector.”


In Oregon, more jobs, less carbon

According to a new research report by E2, Oregon’s private sector is well positioned to innovate solutions to cut carbon and mitigate the rising costs of climate change. The public sector must support these efforts with policies that encourage increasing investment in lower carbon energy technologies, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.


New York joins California in leading on clean energy

For a glimpse of what New York’s just-announced clean energy standard could mean to the state’s economy, look West. New York’s plan to get 50 percent of its energy from renewables by 2030, announced Monday by Gov. Cuomo, matches the renewable standard set by California in 2015. It will make New York a major leader for clean energy (only tiny Vermont and Hawaii have higher standards than New York and California), setting an example for other states.


E2: Climate Change Will Cost Oregon Billions Annually

E2’s compendium of leading research – “Oregon: Changing Climate, Economic Impacts, and Policies for our Future” – is a new, first-of-its-kind resource for businesses, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. In addition to examining the economic threat climate change poses to Oregon, the report highlights the economic benefits and job opportunities that can be created by deploying more clean energy.


Clean energy is working for Pennsylvania

More than 66,000 Pennsylvanians now work in renewable energy, energy efficiency and related fields — including more than 13,000 in Pittsburgh alone, according to a just-released study by the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance and E2.


Clean energy jobs up 15 percent in Pennsylvania

A new report counts 66,000 clean-energy related jobs in Pennsylvania, up 15 percent from the last study published two years ago. “If Pennsylvania wants to keep these clean energy jobs going, it has to do something about it,” said E2’s Bob Keefe.


Keep California’s progress on combating climate change on track

As organizations collaborating with businesses that are flourishing in California’s clean energy economy, E2 and Ceres know firsthand that the best antidote to regulatory uncertainty is action – not further delay. That’s why we support Senate Bill 32.


Report: Clean energy jobs growing in Pa.

Pennsylvania residents working in clean energy jobs – those involving everything from upgrading facilities with energy efficient lighting and insulation to working on solar and wind energy projects – now account for about 66,000 direct positions, according to a report released Thursday.


Clean energy is the future of Missouri

Half of Midwestern clean energy business owners believe the federal Clean Power Plan will create additional business opportunities and investment, says E2’s Midwest chapter director Zach Tucker in a Letter to the Editor published in a Missouri newspaper. My hope is that elected officials listen to business owners and support policies that are both good for our environment and good for our economy.


Clean energy policies lag in Indiana

The new “Clean Jobs Midwest” report from E2 and Clean Energy Trust found that statewide, the clean energy industry employs more than 44,000 people in Indiana. That’s more than the number of jobs in the state as the telecommunications and real estate industries — combined.


Pa.’s energy policy means more jobs, lower bills

Since the passage of Act 129, Pennsylvania homeowners and business owners have saved more than $750 million on their electricity bills by becoming more energy efficient. This amounts to $2 in savings for every $1 invested under the program.


In Missouri, smart policies will keep clean energy jobs growing

With more than 568,000 clean energy jobs in the Midwest alone, it’s clear the American energy economy is changing, and changing rapidly. Clean energy and energy efficiency are where the growth is, and we can move to the next level with policies like the Clean Power Plan and with support of leaders who approach these issues with common sense.


Infographic highlights 2.5 million clean energy jobs in U.S.

According to a new report by E2, more than 2.5 million Americans work in the clean energy industry. The report is based on information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Department of Energy and a survey of more than 20,000 clean energy businesses nationwide. A infographic provides a breakdown of employment in various clean energy job sectors.

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Mass. Supreme Judicial Court deals blow to Baker gas plan

The Supreme Judicial Court dealt a blow on Wednesday to Gov. Charlie Baker’s efforts to increase the flow of natural gas to the region, ruling that utilities cannot ask electric ratepayers to help finance the construction of gas pipelines.


Work program trains unemployed oil and gas workers in solar technology

National rhetoric pits solar and coal against each other. But in Delta County, Colo., one organization is targeting unemployed coal miners in the hope of transitioning them into the solar industry — and leaving politics out of the conversation.


The Navy builds strength by saving energy

Once a supreme fuel-guzzler whose energy needs sometimes dictated foreign policy, the Navy has become a model for how the country can curb its appetite for fossil fuels.


Study says clean energy mandates kill jobs, but Nevada experts disagree

Nevada energy experts have raised questions about the reliability of a study that claims clean energy kills jobs, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported.


Wind turbine blades could be beginning of Saginaw River as a cargo port

As the Saginaw River shipping industry looks to rebound from a decade of decline, ports are making a push to diversify cargo and build the region into a more attractive hub for industry. The wind turbine blades spotted on the river last month and the turbine components hauled in by rail might just be the beginning.


Small businesses are a secret weapon in clean energy

Small businesses are speaking up about the benefits of clean energy or energy efficiency measures. Some are uniting their voices through the Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy, a nationwide organization that represents 2,000 chambers of commerce from all over the U.S.


We need our legislators to support America’s fastest growing job

Wind turbine technician is the fastest growing job in the country, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The wind tech profession is projected to grow by 108 percent over the next 10 years.


Unemployed oil workers find new home in solar industry

Eighty thousand workers have been laid off across the country as the price of oil has plummeted. In Texas, some out-of-work rig hands, pipe fitters and engineers are finding employment in solar energy.


Tesla gigafactory's grand opening set for July

Electric car manufacturer Tesla will hold the grand opening for its $5 billion Reno, NV, battery gigafactory on July 29. Although the factory is not yet complete, it is already producing Powerwall and Powerpack batteries, which can store electricity generated from solar panels.


Charge Montana launches renewable energy campaign

Renewable Northwest and the Montana Renewable Energy Association launched the website, which is meant to educate people about the opportunities for renewable energy and advocate for the industry in Montana during a time when consumers are turning away from coal-fired power.


Energy Dept., GE cook up new green biz opportunities

The energy-efficiency sector is creating new green jobs hand over fist, and the U.S. Department of Energy is getting ready to stir the pot with assistance from the iconic company GE. The public-private partnership centers around an energy-efficient, “ultrasonic” clothes-drying system that uses 70 percent less energy than conventional clothes dryers.


Making waves: DOE reboots marine hydrokinetic energy program to push commercialization

Though the marketplace has backed off from wave, tidal, and current energies, the Obama Energy Department has rebooted its effort to grow them.


Renewable energy giant’s $3 billion plan includes first solar farm in New Mexico

Duke Energy’s renewables division, which operates 18 wind farms and 43 solar farms in 13 states, has started construction on its first project in New Mexico.


California transit agency adds it first all-electric buses

SunLine Transit Agency, which serves more than 3.5 million passengers annually in the Coachella Valley, says it has expanded its growing alternative-fuel vehicles fleet with the addition of its first emissions-free, all-electric buses.


Navy aims to boost energy, data center efficiency at California bases

The Navy will be upgrading data centers as part of an extensive infrastructure improvement project at two bases in California. Through a self-funding energy savings performance contract with Schneider Electric, the Navy is guaranteed $114 million in energy cost savings, Schneider Electric said.