Quasar creates clean energy in Cleveland

Quasar energy group is a Cleveland-based biomass-to-energy company that designs, builds, owns and operates anaerobic digestion facilities. Founded in 2006, the company recycles organic waste like food waste, fats, oils and grease, municipal waste and wastewater, crop residuals, and bio-based oils. This waste is used to produce electricity and natural gas, as well as vehicle fuel in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG).

Quasar recently partnered with real estate developer Forest City Enterprises to build a 1.3MW digester on a former brownfield site on the east side of Cleveland. The facility processes 42,600 wet tons of organic waste each year, accepting truckloads of biomass from regional businesses that would otherwise go to the landfill. The electricity generated is sold to Cleveland Public Power; the facility will provide a public CNG fueling station for fleets and small natural gas vehicles.

In the last six years, the company has grown to approximately 60 employees and has completed eight installations in Ohio and Massachusetts, with dozens more projects in the business pipeline throughout the Eastern U.S.

— Environmental Entrepreneurs