Rural co-ops see light on renewables — even if industry lobbyists don’t

The National Rural Electric Co-operative Association is pushing out a new ad this month that claims the Clean Power Plan will cause energy bills to go up for American families.[1] Not only is the ad misleading—it’s incorrect, and at odds with the shift to renewables that has been taking place at NRECA’s member cooperatives for years.

Laurie Johnson of the Natural Resources Defense Council, in a fact-check posted on the NRDC staff blog site, writes: “While EPA projects modest electricity rate increases, consumers’ electricity bills are actually expected to decline as less energy is wasted overall.”

Or just take a look at this map of renewables projects at NRECA’s member co-ops. It’s hard to find a spot in America where there aren’t rural electric co-ops switching to clean, renewable electricity.


The best part is that the map comes courtesy of NRECA itself. That’s right: at the same time NRECA is claiming that clean power will hurt its customers, their web site is advertising just how many of those customers are already employing clean power solutions.

NRECA is claiming that the Clean Power Plan will raise customer’s electric bills. It won’t. It will give rural co-ops more access to renewable sources—something many are already benefitting from, including ninety-five percent of NRECA’s member co-ops. As E2 executive director Bob Keefe wrote on Huffington Post, many rural co-ops see the light on renewable energy. NRECA, however, still does not.

— Environmental Entrepreneurs

[1] . The ad, which you can access here, will run from July 14 – August 10 on Fox News and RFD TV, and will appear in the DC market on MSNBC in July and September.