Wisconsin company’s 170,000 employees deliver efficiency to the world

In 1883, when Warren Johnson invented the thermostat, few could have predicted that it would serve as the foundation of a company that would grow to Johnson Controls, Inc., a 170,000-employee company driving energy savings at a global scale.

Through its building efficiency business, Johnson Controls reaches more than 1 million customers, from almost 700 offices in more than 150 countries. Since 2000, Johnson Controls has achieved more than 19 million metric tons of carbon reduction through guaranteed energy savings projects, saving its customers $7.5 billion through more efficient equipment, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and other technologies.

One savings-generating project that Johnson Controls completed was the construction of Ave Maria University in Ave Maria, Florida. By converging information technology, facility operations, and other systems onto one internet protocol system, Johnson Controls helped Ave Maria save approximately $1.5 million in infrastructure costs from unnecessary cabling that had been part of the original design. The school projects annual savings of $950,000 from reduced systems operations, as well as savings in utility costs.

— Environmental Entrepreneurs