LES won’t waste good business opportunity

Polluted water and land increases our health care costs, hurts industries like tourism and agriculture, and raises our taxes to pay for cleanup and enforcement.

Liquid Environmental Solutions, or LES, was founded on the principle that protecting our environment isn’t just good for people, animals, and plants – it’s also good for business.

Founded in 2002, LES provides a best-in-class compliance solution to Clean Water Act standards through the collection, treatment, and disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste. LES is now the largest provider of grease-trap collection services in the nation.

Based in Dallas and San Diego, LES directly employs 361 workers. The company has 14 facilities and collection operations in 29 states, including Arizona, Nebraska, Illinois, and several states in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, South and West Coast.

— Environmental Entrepreneurs