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Thanks to smart policies, Colorado a hub for wind power

Over the years, Colorado has been a clean energy leader thanks to creative, ambitious citizens and well-designed policies. Given that legacy of innovation, the state is now a hub for clean, affordable wind power, and stands to gain immensely from wind’s continued growth.


Skyscrapers reach for greener energy goals

Owners of some of Chicago’s most prominent buildings have committed to join an effort to slash energy use, after early participants reported a 7 percent reduction in less than two years.


Rural co-ops see the light on renewable energy -- even if industry lobbyists don't

Today, thankfully, many rural electric co-ops are working on ways to bring the next phase of electricity — clean, renewable energy — to their members, giving farmers and other residents of rural areas the same sort of access to solar, wind and other forms of clean energy as the rest of America.

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Navy SEAL veteran Troy Van Beek and his wife, Amy, own a growing renewable energy and energy efficiency business in a small town in Iowa.
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The EPA’s Clean Power proposal will create jobs, deliver significant health benefits, and reduce electricity rates.

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E2'S NEW JOBS REPORT: First Quarter 2014

Congressional inaction on key clean energy tax policies, coupled with attacks on state renewable energy programs, led to a dramatic decline in clean energy job announcements in the first quarter of this year.

Nearly 5,600 jobs were announced. The top sector was solar, with about 1,600 announced jobs.