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Farmers, fighters, clean energy: Smart policies help economy, environment

Ahead of the U.N. Climate Summit, the Obama administration has come up with a way to support our farmers and our military veterans — while at the same time helping our economy and our environment. How? More clean energy.


Strengthen Wisconsin's clean energy policy

Currently, there are no plans to expand the RPS in Wisconsin. That’s a problem. The longer we wait to answer this critical question about energy policy, the less certainty we instill for the clean energy jobs and economic opportunity that Wisconsin families need today.


E2 in New York Times: Clean energy and jobs in Ohio

Clean energy’s crucial role must not be overlooked in any discussion about the resurgence of manufacturing jobs in the Midwest’s energy sector. In Stark County, Ohio, for instance, at least 15 companies involved in the wind energy supply chain employ hundreds of workers who manufacture parts like turbine blades, bearings for gear boxes and custom hinges.

Featured Video: Ideal Energy

Navy SEAL veteran Troy Van Beek and his wife, Amy, own a growing renewable energy and energy efficiency business in a small town in Iowa.
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The EPA’s Clean Power proposal will create jobs, deliver significant health benefits, and reduce electricity rates.

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NEW! E2 Clean Energy Jobs Report Q2 2014

More than 12,500 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced across the U.S. in Q2 2014. Policies like AB 32 drove job growth in California, while Michigan and the solar sector also posted strong numbers.

The report notes the EPA’s Clean Power Plan is expected to drive future job growth, while Congress also has an opportunity to expand the economy by extending clean energy and energy efficiency tax incentives.