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Gulfstream signs renewable fuel contract

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and its fuel supplier, World Fuel Services Inc., have finalized a three-year agreement that provides Gulfstream with a consistent supply of renewable fuels for its daily flight operations in Savannah. The fuel is a 30/70 blend of low-carbon, drop-in renewable fuel and Jet-A. It provides the same performance as conventional, petroleum-based jet fuel and requires no changes to factory-standard engines or aircraft. Each gallon of renewable fuel burned is expected to achieve a more than 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum-based jet fuel.


E2: White House report on national security, climate change shows need for action

President Obama today reiterated the growing national security threats of climate change, citing a new White House report that shows how extreme weather and a warming planet are creating new security threats and putting our military bases and personnel at risk. “Addressing climate change will also create economic opportunity and jobs for veterans and hundreds of thousands of other Americans in the clean energy industry,” E2 chair Nicole Lederer said.


Survey: Ohio home to 89,000 clean energy jobs

A new survey finds that Ohio had 89,000 clean-energy jobs last year, a figure that is growing despite recent state policies that the authors say are not good for such businesses. The authors say the results are tempered by the negative effects of Senate Bill 310, an Ohio measure signed into law last year that placed a freeze on annual benchmarks for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Featured Video: Energy Optimizers in Ohio

Near Dayton, Ohio, the CEO of a fast-growing energy efficiency company explains why commonsense state- and federal-level policies do more than just cut energy waste -- they also grow our economy and protect our environment.
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Clean energy tax incentives like the PTC and ITC have spurred intense job creation and cost reduction in the renewable energy industry, providing benefits that far outweigh the tax revenue lost. Other industries have been claiming — and continue to claim — similar tax incentives.

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E2's Q4 2014 Clean Energy Jobs Report

More than 47,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced in more than 40 states across the country last year, according to E2′s latest jobs analysis.

The top 10 states for the year were: Nevada, California, New York, Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, and New Mexico.

Solar was once again the top sector. Advanced vehicles also had a strong year, according to the report.