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Weakening of Ohio's renewable standards will lead to job loss

Columbus’ weakening of the standards will cost Ohio jobs and investment in fast-growing alternative energy industries, now and for years to come. It likely will raise, not lower, your electric bill. It will make the air we breathe dirtier and will waste energy. Still, all is not lost.


Navy includes biofuels in annual fuel request

The Pentagon is requesting biofuels be included in its annual request for fuels that are delivered to facilities in the eastern and inland U.S. It’s the first time the request has included biofuels, which would be blended with military-specified diesel fuel and jet fuel. The Navy requested the biofuels to help reach its goal of generating 50 percent of its energy from alternative sources by 2020.


Colorado businesses should support Clean Power Plan

If every Colorado business leader who stands to benefit from the new Clean Power Plan shows up at next week’s doubleheader listening sessions at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Wynkoop Street offices, the agency would have to move the event a few blocks away to Coors Field.

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Navy SEAL veteran Troy Van Beek and his wife, Amy, own a growing renewable energy and energy efficiency business in a small town in Iowa.
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The EPA’s Clean Power proposal will create jobs, deliver significant health benefits, and reduce electricity rates.

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E2 Clean Energy Jobs Report: Q1 2014

Congressional inaction on key clean energy tax policies, coupled with attacks on state renewable energy programs, led to a dramatic decline in clean energy job announcements in the first quarter of this year.

Nearly 5,600 jobs were announced. The top sector was solar, with about 1,600 announced jobs.