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Study: 85,000 New Yorkers work in clean energy

E2 and our partners recently released Clean Jobs New York, a comprehensive report showing that more than 85,000 people work in the clean energy sector in New York at more than 7,500 business establishments. By looking at the size and scope of the state’s clean energy economy, Clean Jobs New York helps stakeholders better understand how clean energy is creating jobs — and what policies are needed now to support further gains in the future.


E2: Business momentum builds with UN signing ceremony

“What we saw in Paris was unprecedented business support for action on climate change. That support has only grown the past four months,” E2′s Bob Keefe said upon the opening of a signing ceremony for the landmark climate accord reached in Paris last December.


Solar energy shines on Iowa economy

The maturing solar energy industry in Iowa is harnessing the state’s sun potential at an ever-increasing pace. A new study, “Clean Jobs Midwest,” from the Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs found that 28,451 Iowans work in the state’s clean energy sector, including 626 working in the solar industry alone.

Featured Video: StraightUp Solar in Illinois and Missouri

In Illinois, Missouri, and across the Midwest, the Clean Power Plan will help create jobs at companies like StraightUp Solar in St. Louis, where employees include a veteran and a former underground coal miner who's now a crew leader installing solar arrays on commercial and residential rooftops.
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The Clean Power Plan will reduce electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver significant public health benefits.

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E2's Q4 2015 Clean Energy Jobs Report

More than 41,000 new clean energy jobs were announced at more than 140 projects nationwide in 2015. Top states included California, Texas, and Utah. Solar was the top sector.

The report notes that 2015 was a watershed year for clean energy, with long-term extension of clean energy tax incentives, the Paris agreement, and the Clean Power Plan all fueling job growth.