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Thank you for following us these past three years as the U.S. clean energy economy has expanded to employ more than 2.5 million Americans. We here at Clean Energy Works for Us are still closely tracking the industry, but you can now find us at www.e2.org. Just click on the link above!

Mass. Supreme Judicial Court deals blow to Baker gas plan

The Supreme Judicial Court dealt a blow on Wednesday to Gov. Charlie Baker’s efforts to increase the flow of natural gas to the region, ruling that utilities cannot ask electric ratepayers to help finance the construction of gas pipelines.

Bring clean energy savings to more Iowans

Under the federal Clean Power Plan, states can take advantage of the Clean Energy Incentive Program. The state of Iowa should participate in the CEIP as a way to bring clean energy savings to more Iowans. The CEIP will reward states for early investments in energy efficiency in affordable housing and solar projects that benefit low-income ratepayers.

Featured Video: StraightUp Solar in Illinois and Missouri

In Illinois, Missouri, and across the Midwest, the Clean Power Plan will help create jobs at companies like StraightUp Solar in St. Louis, where employees include a veteran and a former underground coal miner who's now a crew leader installing solar arrays on commercial and residential rooftops.
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The Clean Power Plan will reduce electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver significant public health benefits.

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