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A renewables revolution is transforming U.S. power sector

Renewable energy was the biggest source of new power added to U.S. electricity grids last year as falling prices and government incentives made wind and solar increasingly viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Developers installed 16 gigawatts of clean energy in 2015, or 68 percent of all new capacity, Bloomberg New Energy Finance. That was the second straight year that clean power eclipsed fossil fuels.


N.Y. lawmakers follow Cuomo's lead on clean energy

As the 2016 legislative session gets underway, the leaders of the state Legislature’s energy committees remain focused primarily on monitoring the rollout of the Cuomo administration’s ambitious clean energy plan.


NATO: Renewable energy can save soldiers’ lives

According to its annual report, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) plans to increase its investment in renewables and energy efficiency as they “reduce the risk” to troops involved in conflict. Roll-up solar panels, wind power, smart grids and advanced insulation “can not only save money when less fuel is used, but can also save soldiers’ lives,” the NATO report finds.

Featured Video: StraightUp Solar in Illinois and Missouri

In Illinois, Missouri, and across the Midwest, the Clean Power Plan will help create jobs at companies like StraightUp Solar in St. Louis, where employees include a veteran and a former underground coal miner who's now a crew leader installing solar arrays on commercial and residential rooftops.
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The Clean Power Plan will reduce electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver significant public health benefits.

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E2's Q3 2015 Clean Energy Jobs Report

Nearly 10,000 new clean energy jobs were announced at more than 30 projects nationwide in Q3. Top states included Utah, California, and Colorado. Solar was the top sector.

The report notes that more jobs can be added with long-term extension of clean energy tax incentives and smart implementation of the Clean Power Plan.