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Biden to announce energy initiative on Philly visit

The Obama Administration will announce a road map to modernize the nation’s energy infrastructure on Tuesday in Philadelphia, where an aging system of pipes, wires, rails and waterways is struggling to adapt to a dramatically shifting energy environment.


Congress passes bipartisan bill to improve energy efficiency

Congress on Tuesday passed a bill focused on improving energy efficiency in buildings and water heaters, a move celebrated by both parties for breaking longstanding partisan gridlock. The bill, which President Obama is expected to sign into law this week, is a modest one. But its authors, Senator Rob Portman, Republican of Ohio, and Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, who had worked together for years on more ambitious energy-saving legislation, called it a significant victory.


E2: In Pennsylvania and beyond, modernizing energy system is good for economy, environment

“Investing in our energy infrastructure will reduce wasted energy and wasted money, while increasing jobs, reliability and national security,” said E2 executive director Bob Keefe. “That’s good for our economy – and good for our environment. As Pennsylvania knows, clean energy works. More than 57,000 Pennsylvanians today have good-paying careers at 4,200 clean energy companies in the Keystone State.”

Featured Video: Energy Optimizers in Ohio

Near Dayton, Ohio, the CEO of a fast-growing energy efficiency company explains why commonsense state- and federal-level policies do more than just cut energy waste -- they also grow our economy and protect our environment.
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Clean energy tax incentives like the PTC and ITC have spurred intense job creation and cost reduction in the renewable energy industry, providing benefits that far outweigh the tax revenue lost. Other industries have been claiming — and continue to claim — similar tax incentives.

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E2's Q4 2014 Clean Energy Jobs Report

More than 47,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced in more than 40 states across the country last year, according to E2′s latest jobs analysis.

The top 10 states for the year were: Nevada, California, New York, Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, and New Mexico.

Solar was once again the top sector. Advanced vehicles also had a strong year, according to the report.