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Utilities shrug off court decision, say carbon-cutting plans are on track

Although Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling startled the White House and rattled U.S. allies, it appears to have had little effect on the electricity providers most directly affected by the Clean Power Plan. About 48 hours after the court’s decision, major utility companies are reacting to the move with a collective shrug.


E2: Businesses still moving forward with transition to clean energy economy

“This sends an unsettling message to millions of Americans who now earn their living in the sector,” said E2 executive director Bob Keefe. “It’s equally unwelcome news to companies counting on smart policies like the Clean Power Plan to make long-term business decisions. Businesses and investors know, however, that this decision is a speed bump – and that momentum behind the clean energy industry will continue to build.”


Congress must get out of way of Paris agreement; Gov. Rauner must back Clean Power Plan

As a business executive with operations in Southwestern Illinois, I want Congress to quit trying to block progress made during the Paris negotiations. Instead, Congress should support the outcome – just as the American business community has done since Day 1. And closer to home in Illinois, Gov. Rauner must follow the lead of the business community and strongly implement the Clean Power Plan.

Featured Video: StraightUp Solar in Illinois and Missouri

In Illinois, Missouri, and across the Midwest, the Clean Power Plan will help create jobs at companies like StraightUp Solar in St. Louis, where employees include a veteran and a former underground coal miner who's now a crew leader installing solar arrays on commercial and residential rooftops.
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The Clean Power Plan will reduce electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver significant public health benefits.

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E2's Q4 2015 Clean Energy Jobs Report

More than 41,000 new clean energy jobs were announced at more than 140 projects nationwide in 2015. Top states included California, Texas, and Utah. Solar was the top sector.

The report notes that 2015 was a watershed year for clean energy, with long-term extension of clean energy tax incentives, the Paris agreement, and the Clean Power Plan all fueling job growth.