How to Build a Recycling Crusher With a Linear Actuator

A recycling crusher might look like a large piece of equipment with complex engineering. But any technical handyperson with some knowledge of electrical wiring can build a small or medium-sized DIY recycling crusher, the brain behind this can be a linear actuator. After all, this is one of the many uses of actuators around the … Read more

The Science of Climate Change: Understanding the Need for Carbon Literacy Training

Climate change is drastically changing our world. Where do you live? It doesn’t matter. You’ll feel it soon enough. Yet, it’s still an obscure science. Why do we say this? Well, not enough is being done. The majority of people you encounter every day are illiterate when it comes to climate change. That’s sad; deafening. … Read more

Aluminium Bottled Water vs. Plastic: A Comparison of Environmental Impact

It is well known that plastic garbage is wreaking havoc on the environment. There is a large amount of plastic trash as a result of the mass manufacture and disposal of plastic goods, which has been shown to harm animals and natural ecosystems. Millions of tonnes of plastic garbage enter our seas and other natural … Read more